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The Oneida County Envirothon idea is simple: combine the proven concepts of hands-on education with the excitement of a good competition and the fun of spending a day in the outdoors. The result is an effective educational tool which will help our state’s schools to nurture environmentally aware students. The Envirothon is a series of hands-on contests in which teams of high school students compete to solve environmental issues. The event works much like an athletic competition, and the winners of the event get the chance to compete at the New York State Envirothon. The winner of the state competition will represent New York State at the International Canon Envirothon. New York State teams have placed in the top ten teams at the national competition since the first NYS Envirothon in 1991.

The Oneida County Envirothon is a unique approach to environmental education that tests the students’ knowledge in five subject areas: soils, aquatics, wildlife, forestry, and current environmental issues. The students rotate through the five outdoor stations, one for each subject. The students work as a team, emphasizing group problem-solving and hands-on experience to complete test questions and problem-solving exercises. The scores from each event are calculated and the team with the highest score represents Oneida County at the state level.


If your school would be interested in this type of event, please contact Payton Resse at or (315) 736-3334 ext 134 or Andrea FIsher at (315) 736-3334 ext 136 for more information.

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