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The Oneida County Soil and Water Conservation District has been working on establishing street tree inventories with multiple local municipalities. A street tree inventory looks at every tree that is maintained by that community. These trees are usually within the right-of-way for the streets, parks as well as any tree on the municipality’s property. The address, species, size, and condition are noted as each tree is counted. 

Why should you have a tree inventory?  

We found that many of our local municipalities do not know how many trees they have. They do not know what shape their trees are in or what species are there. This information can be used to help prepare an appropriate budget for tree maintenance and planting. There are multiple invasive pests and diseases that can wipe out a whole tree genus, remember Dutch Elm Disease? If the majority of your trees fall into one genus you may want to consider using more of a variety for future plantings. Your trees may be at the mature stage and towards the end of their life and require more maintenance or removal, but you may not have realized it. 


There are grants for tree maintenance and planting. These are competitive grants but before you can apply you need to show that you have completed an inventory, so you know what your needs are. 


If you are interested in having a tree inventory for your municipality or have any questions regarding an inventory or community forestry grants, please contact or (315) 736-3334 ext 138

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